Wi-Ex zBoost Cell Phone Booster for Home, Office and Car

Spotlight on zBoost Wi-Ex Cell Phone Signal Extenders

zBoost is a simple solution to your indoor signal problems. It grabs the outdoor signal and brings it in for you to use with your cell phone, smartphone and wireless data card – Extending a Cell Zone in your home or office or your car. Unlike other devices, zBoost products use patent-pending technologies to protect the carrier network. zBoost for the Home & Office works with most U.S. phones and wireless devices (except Nextel) and comes in 3 models : zBoost YX510-PCS-CEL works with all U.S. devices using CEL (800MHz) frequencies and PCS (1900MHz) frequencies except those using iDEN, Nextel. This model is recommended for most situations. zBoost YX500-PCS and YX500-CEL are single frequency versions. They are recommended when support for... (more...)

Survey : 60% Signal Loss On The Go

Today’s consumers expect improved cell phone service at home and on the go. The zBoost Car Survey commissioned by Wi-Ex and conducted by Harris Interactive, found that the majority of consumers face cell phone signal challenges on the go. 65 percent of consumers who use their cell phone in their car have missed and/or dropped calls due to poor signal in their cars 85 percent of consumers have done something while using their cell phone in a cell phone signal deadzone to try and keep and/or improve their signal. 69 percent of consumers who have experienced a cell phone signal deadzone in their... (more...)

Quantum is the “Site of the Week”

Quantum Wireless is proud to announced that the company was officially nominated “Site of the Week” by the Wi-Ex Team. Quantum Wireless , a division of Quantum Networks, LLC, a leading provider of 3G and 4G/Wimax wireless products, distribute, market, sell and install the Wi-Ex zBoost product line. The zBoost line of products creates Cell Zones™ for the home, office, car, personal space and travel. zBoost reduces dropped calls and improves cell phone signal indoors, as well as increases signal and speed of aircards, EDGE and 3G technology. The relationship will help effectively bridge... (more...)

The New York Times Reviews Wi-Ex !

“Cellphone carriers often crow about having fewer dropped calls than the competition, but high-rises, brick walls and plaster lead to blind spots in some homes. Wi-Ex has created a compact system for amplifying cellphone signals without the need for much high-tech mumbo-jumbo. The zBoost Dual-Band grabs cell signals and strengthens them inside homes and businesses, often bumping up the signal display on a phone by two or three bars. [...] Installation is fairly simple, and unless you have experience in radio engineering there is little need to tweak things. The system comes with a large... (more...)